• Ramadhani Sugiarto, Rayhan Shafazidane Ahmad Universitas Pamulang


Mobile application, Padang food menu, MIT App Inventor, Android, Application development


Mobile applications have become an important part of our daily life, with the ability to provide various information and services. In the culinary context, mobile applications can be useful tools to facilitate users in discovering and exploring various dishes and recipes. In this research, we designed and developed an Android- based Padang food menu application using the MIT App Inventor. This research aims to provide practical solutions for users who are interested in Padang cuisine, one of Indonesia's famous culinary heritage. This application makes it easy for users to explore various Padang dishes, view pictures and descriptions, as well as recipes related to these dishes. In addition, this application also provides a search feature based on the name of the dish, category and ingredients used. The design of this application was developed using MIT App Inventor, a visual programming platform that allows Android application development without the need for in-depth knowledge of programming. The advantages of using MIT App Inventor are the ease in creating interactive user interfaces, integrating images and text, and connecting various application functions. The method used in this research includes analyzing user needs, designing application interfaces, implementing features, and testing application functionality. Testing is done to ensure the application runs properly, is responsive, and meets user needs. The result of this research is a Padang food menu application that can be installed on an Android device. This application provides an interactive experience for users to explore Padang dishes and get complete recipes. This application is expected to increase awareness and appreciation of Indonesia's culinary heritage, especially Padang cuisine.




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