• Muhamad Rizky Safrihza, Musafa Krisna Dwi Jatmiko Universitas Pamulang


Indomie, inventory, MIT App Inventor, mobile application


In today's digital era, the use of mobile applications has become a very popular trend in various fields, including inventory management. In this journal, we describe the development of an inventory application based on the MIT App Inventor specifically designed to monitor and manage Indomie product stock. This application provides convenience in stock monitoring, real-time updates, and fast searches, helping to increase the efficiency of Indomie's inventory management. With the features provided, this application can help Indomie manufacturers maintain smooth operations and meet consumer demand. The development of this application is carried out by utilizing the MIT App Inventor, a mobile application development platform that allows the creation of applications visually without the need for in-depth programming knowledge. Through a process of analysis, design, implementation, testing and adjustment, the Indomie inventory application was successfully built with an intuitive and functional user interface. Based on existing data collection, it is known that food from several countries is of great interest to the public and many are mistaken about the grouping of food originating from several countries. Therefore, based on the problem being examined, a title was taken "ANDROID-BASED INDOMIE APPLICATION DESIGN" to research and deal with this.




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